Ourstralia Privacy Policy

Ourstralia is an initiative by Balmain for Refugees (BFR), created to help spark conversation and awareness about Australia’s current treatment of asylum seekers. 

Balmain for Refugees have been helping hundreds of asylum seekers settle into Australia since 2001. It is thanks to BFR’s vision for a better (and more welcoming) country that Ourstralia was born, and our message promoting a fair go for these people can reach as many Aussies as possible. 

Ourstralia is committed to ensuring that the information you provide us is securely stored and accessed only for the primary purpose for which it was provided. Ourstralia is dedicated to ensuring that you are aware of what information we retain about you, and of your rights in accessing and updating it.

Ourstralia must adhere to the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and relevant state acts.

You provide information when you become a donor.

You are generally asked to provide us with your name and contact details as well as other information such as credit card number. Information which can identify you is known as personal information. Besides personal information, some specific information about you which may include your cultural background, criminal record, age or health information is known as sensitive information. We will not collect sensitive information about you without your express written consent unless required by law. 

How we use information
Ourstralia uses the information you give us for:

  • fundraising (where it is de-identified)
  • approved research and analysis

Your personal information is not disclosed to third parties without your written consent or unless required by law.

We may use the information for internal reviews and analysis and may also use it to produce certain consolidated statistics about our activities. However, we will not disclose your individual information, nor sell, trade or rent that information for any purpose.
If we need to disclose any information by law we will inform you what information has been disclosed and to whom (unless we are not allowed to by law), so that you can take any necessary action.

By providing your personal and sensitive information you are consenting to our use of this information in accordance with the principles outlined in the Ourstralia Privacy Policy. If at any time we change the Privacy Policy, we will post those changes on our website so that you are kept fully informed. 

If you have any queries regarding our Privacy Policy or if you wish to request access to or correct your personal information, Please contact Ourstralia at Ourstralia@bigpond.com