Asylum seekers are not illegal immigrants, queue jumpers or security risks – they’re just individuals and families we’re yet to meet, neighbours we’re yet to welcome, and classmates we’re yet to play with.

We want to change how Australian’s view asylum seekers, and how policymakers treat them. Seeking asylum is a basic human right, not an offence punishable by years spent in detention with little hope of a new life. Whichever side of politics you lean on, if you agree things desperately need to change, then you support Ourstralia’s cause. 
You can help spread the word by starting a conversation over the dinner table, water cooler or the odd bar stool.

If you’d like more Australians to see our message, help spread the word by making a donation.

It’s just like we sing in the anthem – for those who've come across the seas, we've boundless plains to share.